Sunday, May 20, 2012

End of Year Awards Certificates

Being the last week of school, I thought I'd create some special awards for my kiddos. I like them to feel extra special that last day of school as they head off to summer. It's always sad for me to see my kids go the last day of school...I feel like they are a part of me after spending all year in our classroom together! I created some colorful awards for things like 'Voracious Reader', 'Handy Helper', 'Super Speller', 'Good Behavior', 'History Buff', 'Math Wizard', and more. There are fifteen awards total including a blank award certificate so you can write in your own creative awards for your kiddos. Feel free to stop by my TPT store and check it out. Only five more days left!  I hope you are having a wonderful end to your school year. :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

One more week to go..

The school year is quickly coming to an end and I am just as antsy as the kids! We all know the kids get a bit wild in May but the last two weeks of school is the worst. I still want to teach them great things and they are ready for summer to be here. I created a quick chart in my room to help keep them on task and the behavior issues to minimal. It's just palm tree with eight leaves. To keep with the monkey theme of it all...I cut out eight banana graphics. Their goal is to cover up each leaf with a banana. Once they do that, they get to draw a reward out of the bag. My kids made up rewards this time around. Some include: Popsicle Party, Extra Recess, Movie Treat, Write in Pen, Sit By a Friend, and Free Computer Time. It's worked really well this week and they earned a movie treat for this afternoon! We'll be using it next week too so I can keep them semi-controlled. :) Feel free to download it for free at my TPT store! Happy End of the Year everyone! Hope your last weeks go well. :)