Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let's Learn Our Multiplication Facts!

A few days ago I discussed using multiplication fact cards as centers and practice. Christmas vacation is almost here and after the break it'll be time to get busy with memorizing our multiplication facts! I'll be creating some different multiplication centers over the next couple of weeks that can be used for partner practice. This week I finished up creating practice tests for multiplication facts. I created a test for each number 1-12 and also created three different mixed facts tests. I like using these as timed tests starting in January. However, I believe in doing timed tests a bit differently. Instead of asking students to complete a test in a designated time like Mad Minute, I put a timer up on the board that counts up from 0 all the way to 10 minutes (at first). Once I start the timer, students complete their 35 problems. When finished, they write their finish time at the top of their paper. I like doing this because even if they don't get it finished in 3 minutes or your designated time, they can see that as the days progress, their time gets better. (I figure if they don't get 35 done in ten minutes they won't finish...and honestly most of my kids finish by 8 minutes unless they don't know any of their facts.)

I also like to keep track of what facts students have mastered. In the past I've used a chart that I created called "Buzzing Through Multiplication" which is free in my TPT store if you'd like to download it. I also have a multiplication log that is free in my TPT store that I use to keep track of how often students practice their facts at home.

In the Multiplication Facts unit I created this week, there is a new tracking chart that is monkey themed. It includes trees for 1-12 and also individual student markers that can be a girl monkey, boy monkey, or a banana. My kids love moving their monkey from tree to tree as they practice and master their facts. I normally write their student number on it instead of their name so it's a little more private. I also included a one-page chart in the unit so you can keep track of where your kids are with their fact mastery all in one place. There are some images below of the unit and you can also get more information at my TPT store. What ways do you help your kids master their multiplication facts?

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