Thursday, November 8, 2012

Multiplication Time!

It's about that time when we start learning our multiplication facts. I have those boring $1 flashcards from Walmart but I decided it was time to add a little fun. I've made a set of multiplication fact cards for 0-12 that are colorful and inviting. The set I made includes a whole set of cards with small answers (students can cover the answers with their thumb while figuring out the problem). I also made a complete set of cards without any answers and included a one-page answer sheet that has all of the problems and answers on them.

I like to use the cards with answers in partner activities. My kids love quizzing each other on their multiplication facts. You can either have students use all cards, or introduce the cards one family at a time. We normally start with 0 and 1 and then move onto 2s, 5s, 10s, etc. I also like to print off the blank cards onto cardstock for students to take home and practice the facts they are struggling with. I used to have them make their own cards on cardstock or index cards but it's always taken soooo much of our class time that I think it'll be better to copy the cards onto cardstock for them. :)  All sets are bundled together and available on my TPT store. Thanks for stopping by!

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