Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween is Near...

I can't believe October is halfway over! It seems it has flown by this year. With Halloween only a couple of weeks away, I decided to make a Halloween themed math game to use as a partner game with students when they are finished with their math assignment early. This game is called 'Halloween Sweet Shop'. Even though the graphics are fall colors and it has Halloween in the title, it can be used anytime. I tried to keep the word Halloween out of the game itself so students can use it even if you don't mention Halloween in your school. It's just a fun way to get kids thinking about math!

The game includes 16 word problem cards and can be played as a memory style game or students can take turns pulling a card from a stack. Sometimes it's fun to let them choose how to play!  The word problems are designed for third graders but can be used with struggling fourth graders or even high achieving second graders. The problems include addition and subtraction and involve single-step, multi-step, and word problems with extra information. You can download it here on sale from my TPT store! Below you'll find some images from the game to get an idea of what it looks like. Happy October everyone!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cupcake Math

I've started creating some partner games to use for math. Kids love being able to pick out a game to play with a partner when they get done with their regular math lesson! The first one I created involves multi-step math problems mixed in with single step math problems. The game includes 16 word problems and can be played with 2-4 players. All word problems involve addition and subtraction with some money mixed in. And...who doesn't love cupcakes? Students will pretend they are in charge of a cupcake shop called 'Sweet Cupcakes' as they play the game. You can get it at my TPT store. Enjoy!