Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Freebie!

I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is only a week away!  Time seems to be flying by so quickly. If you're like me...the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to fly by too! I like to get a head start and get Christmas stuff ready before Thanksgiving so I'm ready to go for the whirlwind before Christmas break. Last year I came across a great Santa behavior incentive chart which my kids really liked. I can't remember where I got it and can't find it anywhere. So...I made a new incentive chart with a Christmas theme to help my kids keep on track these next few weeks.

I print out the Christmas tree and hang it up on the board. I also laminate (so I can use them more than once) the ornaments and have them ready to go. Every time my class is on task or gets a compliment, I hang an ornament on the Christmas tree. Once they have 10 ornaments on the tree, I let them pull an incentive out of a paper bag I have. I included some of incentives I've used in the past but also left some strips blank. My kids have also enjoyed creating their own incentives (with my approval of course) and adding them into the bag to be drawn. We normally get a couple of incentives in before the break and the kids get really excited about being on their best behavior...a plus for me!

This is FREE for download on my TPT store. I hope you can use it to help you with the craziness of the holidays! Don't forget to follow me on TPT because I'll be adding several Christmas games and such this next week or two. :)

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