Thursday, September 12, 2013

Place Value Fun!

At the beginning of the school year, one of the most important things we teach in the lower grades in math is place value. In third grade, it seems just as important. Many of my students have struggled with place value in the beginning of the year so I've had to include lots of activities and games to practice this concept before moving on to the operations. I love cooperative learning so I created a partner game to practice the three forms of numbers: standard, expanded, and word. I use this game after I've taught all three forms and have done a bit with 4 digit numbers.

This game is called Place Value Match Up! and is played Memory style with a partner.

This game includes twenty sets of cards all with 3-digit, 4-digit, and 5-digit numbers. I like to use the 3 and 4 digit numbers with my lower tutoring groups. I also create math centers with these and include all the numbers so my higher kids can get some practice with 5-digit numbers as well.  It also has a student recording sheet. Centers are fun activities for kids to practice skills but I also like to hold students accountable so we are just "playing". The file includes an answer sheet as well.

Check it out on my TPT store!

What ways do you practice place value with your class?

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