Sunday, October 16, 2011

Show Me the Money!

This week, I'm introducing money to my class for the first time this year. Normally, my kids already know their coins and they do just fine. This year however, I have a couple ESL students that came straight from another country so they have no background knowledge of U.S. Money. I've been working on a few things so I can keep my higher kids challenged and yet meet the needs of my new students who will be learning about U.S. money for the very first time. I created a money match game for my students in which they play a memory style game with a partner. This game has pictures with coins and bills combined and they are required to match it to the correct money amount. I put it online for free at TPT so feel free to grab it and use it in your classroom! Click here to download it for free!


I also wanted to create something where students can work on money activities on their netbooks at their own pace. They love having the opportunity to choose activities they can work on to learn something new, especially in math!  I am a huge fan of Glogster EDU so I created a Glogster all about money. It has some videos I downloaded from YouTube that are all about money. It also has a Brainpop link for the history of money and some different game links where they can actually practice determining the value of coins.  Click here to go to my Glogster. You are more than welcome to use it in your classroom too!  I'm always looking for new ways to teach money, especially online resources! Please feel free to leave me a comment if you know of anymore money resources. Thanks!  Until next time...

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