Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reading Camp is over!

While I love our third grade reading camp we do each and every year, I'm glad it's over. :)  It's a great week of learning for the kids but it's also really exhausting for me!  I'm glad that everything went so well this year and the kids learned so much!

Each year, we host a reading camp that is all day long for an entire week. All of our third graders gather in the auditorium and sing camp songs, learn reading strategies through mini-lessons, and even compete in a "Word Wizards' contest. After we attend our normal specials (conference time), we go to our own rooms for a camp snack. We then rotate groups for genre studies where students have the opportunity to learn more details about each genre and really dive deep into comprehension skills in different genres. We finish up that section of camp with a read aloud time by the camp fire in my room. Now, as you can see in the picture below, my camp fire is fake of course! The kids love it when I turn on the lantern in the dark classroom and read by the "fire". It feels just a little bit more like camping even though we're at school!


We then headed off to lunch and recess. After coming in from recess we studied media literacy and followed that by read to self time. We ended the day with our readers theatre practice. We also had the chance to work in book clubs and reflect about camp each afternoon. It was a busy week, but a great one! I completely redid the camp journal we used last year and put it up on TPT. Check it out here!
It was a busy week but yet a great one in Cabin 203! Happy reading everyone!

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