Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This week starts the two week road to Open House! I always seem a bit overwhelmed the week of Open House so I've decided to start a bit early. We've been learning all about characters, problem, solution, genre, theme, and summary over the past few weeks. This week, I'm having my kids complete a comprehension activity for the book Verdi by Janell Canon. I absolutely love this book and it's great for summary! I originally got this idea from one of my coworkers and thought I'd add some stuff to it. I created a few things for students to complete and glue onto a "green snake" when they are finished reading Verdi.
 Students will write about the characters, problem, and solution for the top section of their snake. In the middle, they will write their summary. On the bottom section, they will write about the genre and theme of the book. You can download this activity here for free. :) It's a great way to see if student's are comprehending what they read while adding a little fun to it! Until next time...

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